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'88-'05 Civic, '06-'11 Civic (front), '90-'01 Integra, '02-'06 RSX, '00-'09 S2000 Pro-C / Pro-S II Coilover Race Springs (10kg/mm, 6-inch) Zoom

Pro-C/ Pro-S II Coilover Spring - '88-'11 Civic, '90-'01 Integra, '02-'06 RSX, '00-'09 S2000 - 10k



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Customize your Pro-ST, Pro-C or Pro-S II Coilovers for the perfect balance between daily driving and track performance. Skunk2 Race Springs are 6" long 10KG front or rear direct replacements for the following applications:


'88-'91 Civic / CRX Pro-C and Pro-S II
'92-'95 Civic / '93-'97 del Sol Pro-ST, Pro-C, and Pro-S II
'96-'00 Civic Pro-ST, Pro-C, and Pro-S II
'01-'05 Civic Pro-C and Pro-S II
'06-'11 Civic Pro-C and Pro-S II (Front ONLY)
'94-'01 Integra Pro-ST, Pro-C, and Pro-S II
'02-'06 RSX Pro-C and Pro-S II
'00-'09 S2000 Pro-C


Skunk2 Race Springs for Pro-C or Pro-S II Coilovers allow you to fine tune handling performance and driver feel through customized spring rates and ride heights. All Skunk2 Race Springs are CNC-wound using the highest quality SAE 9254V spring steel, shot-peen stress relieved, and corrosion-protected thanks to powder coating and specialized phosphate treating processes.

1 Order = 1 Spring - Spring Rate: 10kg/mm x 6.00" Long


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