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Pro Rear LCA - '88-'00 Civic, '90-'01 Integra - Black Zoom

Pro Rear LCA - '88-'00 Civic, '90-'01 Integra - Black



Temporarily Out of Stock


Temporarily Out of Stock


5.40 lbs.

Skunk2’s Pro Series Rear Lower Control Arms (LCA's) for the ’88-’95 Civic and CRX, '93-'97 del Sol, and '90-'01 Integra incorporate the same technology we've been using on our own race cars for more than a decade and are a must-have for enthusiasts looking to fine-tune their suspension for maximum handling performance.


Skunk2’s Rear Lower Control Arms are direct replacements for your tired OEM units and maintain factory suspension geometry. Each arm is forged from aircraft-quality 2024 billet aluminum, precision CNC-machined, and are 25% lighter than the OEM arms. Skunk2 Rear Lower Control Arms also feature multiple sway-bar end-link mounting holes for additional suspension tuning and optimum balance. The low-deflection, polyurethane bushings act as bearings for quicker response and a more positive feel. Skunk2 also eliminated tearing and un-seating problems typically associated with fixed rubber bushings by allowing the arm to rotate freely about the bushings.


Properly designed suspension components must be strong and functional first and aesthetically pleasing second. Skunk2’s Rear Lower Control Arms are both! Each arm’s I-beam shape and tapered design is a direct result of efforts to eliminate twisting, bending, and stress risers. Extensive FEA (finite element analysis) testing determined that conventional “straight and flat” designs are plagued by internal stress risers. A poorly designed arm will concentrate stress in particular zones, causing the arm to fracture and ultimately fail.


For maximum suspension performance, Skunk2 Rear Lower Control Arms are best complemented with Skunk2 Rear Camber Kits, Lower Arm Bars, and Strut Tower Bars.

  • Resources - Black Series Rear Lower Control Arms Review

    Capitalizing on its already popular forged aluminum Rear Lower Control Arms, Skunk2 is proud to introduce the ultimate in stealth suspension modifications – Skunk2’s limited edition, Black Series, hard-anodized Rear Lower Control Arms. Each limited edition Black Series Rear Lower Control Arm features Skunk2’s signature black look in an anodized coating and is serialized for authenticity. This exclusive run is currently available for the ’92-’95 Civic, ’96-’00 Civic, and ’94-’01 Integra and is paired with red, low-deflection, polyurethane bushings for the ultimate contrast (black bushings sold separately).

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    1)How do I replace my Rear Lower Control Arm or Rear Camber Kit polyurethane bushings?

    Replacing Skunk2's Rear Lower Control Arm and Rear Camber Kit polyurethane bushings is easy. Go here to view a detailed instruction video.

    Not compatible with '88 model rear shocks. Must use Skunk2 Sport Shocks, Pro-S Coilovers, Pro-C Coilovers or similar.


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