RACEWORZ Fontana - July 21, 2018

July 21, 2018 Photos: Inna Watson, IamDanimal, Rodney Wills Story: Rodney Wills...

July 21, 2018
Photos: Inna Watson, IamDanimal, Rodney Wills
Story: Rodney Wills

Raceworz, the Interactive Motorsports Experience, now in its 5th year with an international stop in Norway, making stop #2 in Fontana, California at the Auto Club Dragway located within Auto Club Speedway complex. To finally strike Fontana off as a “success” was sweet for the Raceworz team as mother nature threw raindrops on their first Fontana event last year.

Skunk2 Racing and GRAMS Performance teamed up with Raceworz once again and invited some of our customers to display their cars at our booth. We wish to thank them for their continued support and working the booth with us! The list below are the cars in our booth:

To the surprise of many, our special guest all the way from the east coast, Jamie Marsh and Ghost Boy Aki made the pilgrimage to our office and attended the Raceworz event with us. These guys are a "new school" (depending on your age) sampling of racers in pursuit of the all-motor SFWD import drag category. New School is good, especially when new math is involved!     

L-R: Jamie Marsh, some *redneck from Alabama and Ghost Boy Aki
*unless you know otherwise? He claimed he worked here...

Aki as in Ghost Boy Aki… What can we say? He has a very distinctive black-red-gold all-motor Civic Hatch better known as #AK47eg and his Magpul Pmag’s are loaded with four 90mm slugs hand-packed to a 16:1 compression-charge specifically for 1320-ft target ranges. He is very quiet-spoken, very shy about his sneaker collection, keen observer of Off-White™ and has this IG page called ghost_boy_aki with 39.1k followers! He’s an OG NY-street racer and back in the scene to KeepGunnin’ for those quiet walks on the beach and spitting fast slugs down the 1320-firing range! Oh wait, his real dream is to create a school to teach the younger generation how to launch a fast front wheel drive vehicle on the drag strip with the proper tree etiquette (seriously!).

Jamie Marsh aka #MarshTunning transcended from a very fast Nissan Sentra to the Honda tuning scene back in 2015, with a scant four years later, putting his 4Pinston ALL MOTOR powered Honda Civic into 9’s! He is actually the quiet one of these two, but he might know a thing or two about laptops piggy-tailed-data-linked-daisy-chained and or basestate teleport uploading to ECU’s for motor-mind control making motors scream loud! This was Marsh’s first visit to California and in the short two days he noticed the inconsistency of DA throughout the day and the amount of water intake needed due to the dry climate in comparison to his east coast native weather. Jamie is constantly logged into NOAA & National Weather Service to figure the density altitude or commonly heard around the track as “DA” thus it might not be long before we call him The Weatherman, not like Ron Burgundy on fakeTV, but integral to racing like the late (RIP) Bob Steinberger (http://score-international.com/legends-bob-steinberger-the-weatherman/).

Saturday in Fontana, California was especially warm. We ordered this weather on Amazon 1-Day Prime especially for Jamie and Aki! The actual temperature for the day was muggy (by California standards) with a high 98° degrees. We actually lowered the temp a bit as the previous week saw 116° degree days, but that was brutal for everyone! Well, maybe not for those of you in AZ and NM! You guys are cool with the 100+ temps, but we are “Cali-weather-whips” even if some of us are transplanted. Marsh commented that the DA was between 3,500 - 4,000ft throughout the day making it tougher on turbo guys and especially the local all-motor guys. Knowledge is power and or the knowledge of knowing the day will be without power… There is a reason why Beta stays home in the shade. You can follow Jamie Marsh here: instagram.com/jmarsh11/

Next event: AUG 25 - Raceworz Sacramento 2018
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