Racewars Season Opener Fontana, CA

March 6th, 2019 Photos: @iamdanimal, @bigodub, Inna Watson What's happening fol...

March 6th, 2019

Photos: @iamdanimal, @bigodub, Inna Watson

What's happening folks? Did you attend the Racewars Season opener on March 3rd, 2019? If so, find your photos below and don't be shy to share them on your social media platforms. If you didn't go check out what you missed!

Boy, did the day start out gloomy! Raining cats and dogs all night and drizzling the entire morning. However, that didn't stop the racers, as the day, and the races must go on! By early afternoon the strip dried out, and the fun began. Engines were roaring all day, and one of our booth cars @86_Nebula was testing her tune and enjoying the day. You guys loved our Spinwheel, didn't you? The line started about 11:30 AM and was going strong until it was time to go home. We reallyappreciate your love and support! And to all the winners, big or small, congratulations! If you scroll down, you will see the lucky gamblers that won Grams Performance fuel pumps, ETBs (electronic Throttle bodies for you newbies), our springs and manifolds!

The day was so cold; we sold out of all the Skunk2 "Go Fast" hoodies we brought with us to the event. Beanies were gone as well; we are sure you will stay warm now!

What did you think about our booth cars? We had three new rides you haven't seen before. Now give them a follow on Instagram:

Now until the next event! And we are attending Hot Import Nights in Los Angeles on March 30th. Follow link below, click attend, so we all know you are coming!