Racewars Irwindale Speedway

Skunk2 Racing, Grams Performance, and Kraftwerks USA attended Racewars LA over t...

Skunk2 Racing, Grams Performance, and Kraftwerks USA attended Racewars LA over the weekend of November 19th. It was a fun filled days with badass cars, raffle prizes, and an endless line for the spin wheel! Since this was the Season Closer at Irwindale everyone came out to support the car community. We had a great time meeting everyone who stopped by the booth and can’t wait to attend Racewars next year. Thank you again to all the booth cars and your support!

RaceWars Irwindale01 RaceWars Irwindale02 RaceWars Irwindale03 RaceWars Irwindale04 RaceWars Irwindale05 RaceWars Irwindale06 RaceWars Irwindale07 RaceWars Irwindale08 RaceWars Irwindale09 RaceWars Irwindale10 RaceWars Irwindale11 RaceWars Irwindale12 RaceWars Irwindale13 RaceWars Irwindale14 RaceWars Irwindale15

Photographer: Daniel PulidoRaceWars Irwindale16 RaceWars Irwindale17

Photographer: Daniel PulidoRaceWars Irwindale18 RaceWars Irwindale19 RaceWars Irwindale20 RaceWars Irwindale21 RaceWars Irwindale22 RaceWars Irwindale23 RaceWars Irwindale24 RaceWars Irwindale25 RaceWars Irwindale26 RaceWars Irwindale27 RaceWars Irwindale28 RaceWars Irwindale29 RaceWars Irwindale30 RaceWars Irwindale31 RaceWars Irwindale32 RaceWars Irwindale33 RaceWars Irwindale34 RaceWars Irwindale35 RaceWars Irwindale36 RaceWars Irwindale37 RaceWars Irwindale38 RaceWars Irwindale39 RaceWars Irwindale40 RaceWars Irwindale41 RaceWars Irwindale42 RaceWars Irwindale43

Photographer: Daniel PulidoRaceWars Irwindale44

Photographer: Daniel PulidoRaceWars Irwindale45