IDRC October 22, 2017 Fontana CA

We had a blast this weekend at IDRC in Fontana, CA. Yes, it was way too hot for ...

We had a blast this weekend at IDRC in Fontana, CA. Yes, it was way too hot for October, but we kept it cool! Lots of giveaways, raffles, great looking cars, fast racers and amazing crowd.

Our Skunk2 Certified Johnny Cuellar showed off his Honda Civic EJ to showgoers. What a clean build he has, some of the parts you can see are our Pro Manifold, Pro Throttle body, Alpha Radiator and Reservoir Cover. If you want to be certified, follow this link and submit your proposal:

Showgoers also got to get a close-up look at the Project Beta! We test and tuned Beta right in front of the crowd and made 3 passes on the strip. Scroll to the very end to watch the video of the last run.

One thing is certain, racing industry is filled with an overwhelming amount of awesome, and hard working people. Great show, great race and great crowd leave us in anticipation till the next event. Check out photos below and find yourself! Give @Skunk2Racing a shoutout on instagram!

IDRC S2_01 IDRC S2_02 IDRC S2_03 IDRC S2_04 IDRC S2_05 IDRC S2_06 IDRC S2_07 IDRC S2_08 IDRC S2_09 IDRC S2_10 IDRC S2_11 IDRC S2_12 IDRC S2_13 IDRC S2_14 IDRC S2_15 IDRC S2_16 IDRC S2_17 IDRC S2_18 IDRC S2_19 IDRC S2_20 IDRC S2_21 IDRC S2_22 IDRC S2_23 IDRC S2_24 IDRC S2_25 IDRC S2_26 IDRC S2_27 IDRC S2_28 IDRC S2_29 IDRC S2_30 IDRC S2_31 IDRC S2_32 IDRC S2_33 IDRC S2_34 IDRC S2_35 IDRC S2_36 IDRC S2_37 IDRC S2_38 IDRC S2_39 IDRC S2_40 IDRC S2_41 IDRC S2_42 IDRC S2_43 IDRC S2_44 IDRC S2_45 IDRC S2_46 IDRC S2_47 IDRC S2_48 IDRC S2_49 IDRC S2_50 IDRC S2_51 IDRC S2_52 IDRC S2_53 IDRC S2_54 IDRC S2_55 IDRC S2_56 IDRC S2_57 IDRC S2_58 IDRC S2_59 IDRC S2_60 IDRC S2_61 IDRC S2_62