Hot Import Nights San Jose, August 18, 2018

Here we go guys, recap from Hot Import Nights San Jose! What a weekend we had, a...

Here we go guys, recap from Hot Import Nights San Jose! What a weekend we had, after a long drive and treating our team to a delicious dinner at a local Chinese diner, we were ready for a hard day ahead of us! We are not sure, who said that the weather is nice in NorCal, it must have been a joke, because it was hot! Oh baby, it was very hot! We had a sweet little set up of 2 pop ups and 4 jaw dropping rides (from left to right):
Benny Tran | 1995 Civic | @_bennytran
Joey Nguyen | 2015 Subaru BRZ | @morewhp
Rowell | 1991 Civic | @rowellysmael
George Santiago | 1995 Honda Del Sol | @ats_gj

We are very grateful to find family in every corner of our Country we go to! Our booth cars are the best in the industry. And the owners are humble and always eager to help. Thank you guys!

Ok, getting back to the event and the spin wheel… We don’t even know where to start! All we know is that you guys LOVE our spin wheel! We always have big prizes on there, and this time we had lowering springs and radiators! Along with sport shocks, throttle bodies, fuel pumps, injectors, dress up hardware, gauges, you name it, we had it. And man, the line didn’t go down till someone took home the last set of lowering springs. We don’t bring anything back, all the spin wheel items we bring with us, leave with you! Some of you don’t even own a Honda, but who doesn’t like to gamble? There is always a friend that has a civic, or a team member that will gladly buy your prize…

We also want to thank our photographers:
Joey Nguyen @visualsbyjoey | Hanzel Tango @mugen_rebel | Group-A Staff Inna Watson, Isaac Mendez

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Till the next time HIN, and we will see you at Raceworz Sacramento this weekend, August 25th, 2018.