Garage Sale Recap

First of all we would like to thank everyone who came, especially first guys tha...

First of all we would like to thank everyone who came, especially first guys that camped out all night to get the best parts and deals. Shows dedication and your true support! We made sure sprinklers were off this year!

We had a few new additions this year, NOS Energy Drink got everyone pumped for the day, Fries Galore and Tacos Panchito made sure we all were full and happy! Raceworz showed their support! A lot of our veterans and active military members enjoyed FREE Skunk2 Racing Camo Shirts. And the rest had a good time playing our games, checking out the car show and enjoying the day! Thank you all so much for coming! And we will see you next year family...



While making last minute preparations we made sure to keep the guys in line occupied! Easy questions, sweet little prizes!

GarageSale02 GarageSale04 GarageSale05 GarageSale06 GarageSale07

Erika is making sure everyone has a raffle ticket! Who doesn't like a goodie box?


GarageSale09 GarageSale10

Thank you, NOS Energy Drink for showing your support!


Saving their last bit of energy to check out B stock!


Mr Lin doing what he does best...

GarageSale13 GarageSale14

First happy customers!

GarageSale15 GarageSale16 GarageSale17

Who saw and heard this beast on the dyno?

GarageSale18 GarageSale19 GarageSale20 GarageSale21 GarageSale22 GarageSale23 GarageSale24 GarageSale25 GarageSale26 GarageSale27 GarageSale28 GarageSale29 GarageSale30 GarageSale31 GarageSale32 GarageSale33 GarageSale34 GarageSale35 GarageSale36 GarageSale37 GarageSale38 GarageSale39 GarageSale40 GarageSale41 GarageSale42 GarageSale43 GarageSale44 GarageSale45 GarageSale46 GarageSale47 GarageSale48 GarageSale49

Well, we believe this was the highlight of the day! These guys and gal have some pie eating skills!
GarageSale50 GarageSale51 GarageSale52 GarageSale53 GarageSale54